Air Pollution in Teignbridge for Sat 15 Dec 2018:


The overall air pollution in Teignbridge: value 2 out of 10 (1 = lowest, 10 = highest)D |

About Teignbridge Air Quality Data

View of Teignbridge - used for illustrative purposes only

This website has been designed to provide almost real time air quality data from the two automatic and continuous monitoring stations located within Teignbridge.
Data is uploaded on an hourly basis in order to provide the latest readings. The pollutants currently monitored at each of the locations are listed under the details for each site. All parameters that are included on this site can be plotted on a graph and printed out. Visitors to the website can register their email details, and data for the selected parameters for each site, will be forwarded by email. The system can also generate email alerts if a user selected parameter exceeds a predefined value. This facility may be of benefit for those who are predisposed to suffer the effects of an air pollution episode. (E.g. Asthma sufferers).

The site also provides data from fifty five periodic monitoring locations updated as monthly results. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is monitored at these locations using a technique called passive diffusion tubes. Diffusion tubes are a simple and inexpensive method for monitoring NO2 and provide an indication of pollution levels when monitored over a long time.  They are small plastic tubes of approximately 7cm in length and 1cm in diameter that are mounted on the facades of residential properties in order to measure the pollutant concentrations that the receptors are exposed to.  Where this is not possible, tubes are mounted on lamp posts or other suitable street furniture.  There is no pump to pull the air through, instead air diffuses into the sampler over a four week exposure period, during which time the pollutant becomes slowly absorbed by the chemical present in the tube.

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